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Paddling on the Rivers

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Resources for Paddling the North and South Rivers

The NSRWA's Canoe and Kayak Guide gives great information about water conditions and launching sites along the North and South Rivers. Read the Canoe and Kayak guide.

The NSRWA also has a Recreation Guide to the North and South Rivers Watershed. This large fold out map is chock full of information on boat launching sites, conservation lands and walks, information on the natural and human history of our rivers and watershed and tides in the rivers. This Recreation Guide is provided free upon joining the NSRWA as a member or you can purchase through our office for $10.

You may also wish to join us on one of our paddles. Please check our event listings for upcoming activities, a benefit to members is that they receive early notification of these events via our quarterly newsletter. Please be sure to read our Paddle Safety guideline before you come on a paddle with us or go one yourself!

Where can I launch my canoe or kayak in the North and South Rivers?

CAUTION!! Canoeing and kayaking downstream from Damons Point or outside the Herring River can be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. The currents at the Mouth of the North and South Rivers are deceptively swift and unpredictable--over 15 lives have been lost over the past 20 years! Please ALWAYS wear a life jacket. Although the law only requires that children age 12 and under wear a PFD and adults wear a PFD from September 15 to May 15 (during the summer months they must have it in the boat) - please play it safe and ALWAYS wear one! Read our Paddle Safety guidelines for more tips on playing it safe!

Tides are a major factor on the North and South Rivers. Please take into account the tides before planning your excursion on the rivers. 

The NSRWA offers a recreation guide and map that includes these locations as well as places to take walks on conservation land in the watershed and natural and human history pertaining to the rivers.  Members receive the map when they first join or you can purchase the guide for $10 from our office.

North River:

  • Hanover Canoe Launch - off of Elm Street near Luddam's Ford Park. This is a difficult site at low tide, and may require some portage.
  • Damon's Point - there is a launch on the west side of the parking area. A Marshfield permit is required to park here.
  • Brick Kiln Road - this site is part of Pembroke Conservation land. It is ½ mile down the lane on the right, and has limited parking. This site is used primarily by local residents.
  • Chittenden Lane in Norwell (off River Street) - this seldom-used town landing at the end of the lane is not well marked, has limited parking, and is only for use by Norwell residents with a permit.
  • Union Street Bridge - the small parking lot on the Norwell side requires a Norwell parking permit. The Town of Marshfield maintains a public lot on the south side after the bridge, there is a launch on this side of the river at this parking area as well.
  • Kings Landing - off 123 in Norwell (small launch fee).
  • Mary's Boat Livery - on the south end of the Route 3A bridge in Marshfield (small launch fee).
  • North River Marine - on the north end of the Route 3A bridge in Scituate (small launch fee).

South River - several places in Humarock:

  • Town of Scituate Parking Lot. A Scituate Beach Permit is required to park here.
  • South River Yacht Yard. Parking is not provided - must get permission from the boat yard.
  • Marshfield Town Landing, next to the Marshfield Yacht Club at the intersection of Ferry Street and Ridge Road. Marshfield Parking Permit required during the summer.

Herring River:

  • James Landing Marina (Herring River). There is a small launch fee
  • Driftway Conservation Area in Scituate
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